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Manufacturing to AS9100, our procedural control of multiple part disciplines from gasket cutting and machining to rubber moulding at the same location is industry leading. Ongoing investment in manufacturing technology from high precision waterjet (the only UK micro cutting head machine) to new high specification 5 axis milling machines maintains a reputation for component quality that matches our procedural documentation control.

Popular Products
precision soft cut gaskets

Precision Soft Cut Gaskets

SEP boast the highest specification CNC Gasket Cutting operation in the UK; two Atom Flashcut oscillating knife with multi-zone vacuum cutting beds and a state of the art Waterjet with micro head cutting technology. The three machines give SEP the versatility to cut any material to the best finish and finest tolerances, combined with a 3M x 2M cutting area, no job is too big or too small. We offer parts cut from our own specification moulded sheet rubber to recognised jointing brands such as Klinger and Flexitallic. Cutting laminates is a speciality of SEP with the new Waterjet micro head technology.

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rubber moulded seals and components

Rubber Moulded Seals & Components

'Cleanroom' manufacturing, climate controlled rubber compound storage, post cure ovens with traceable data logging; SEP meets all expected criteria. From 3D modelling and tool design to finished component inspection on the most advanced multi sensor inspection machines guarantee expected quality and finish from ALL rubber types. Rubber to metal bonding is a speciality.

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precision machined components

Precision Machined Components

Please see our Latest News page for progress reports.
During 2014 SEP is investing heavily in a brand new clean room machining environment, incorporating the latest 5 axis machining; all programmed from our SolidWorks Professional 2015, 3D modelling software.
Our investment plans will also incorporate a 5 axis programmable CMM; capable of hands free inspection to First Article standards.

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rubber extruded profile seals

Static & Inflatable Rubber Extruded Profile Seals

Please take time to visit us and witness the most capable UK based designer and manufacturer of Extruded Profiled & Inflatable Seals; offering high & low temperature resistance with all specification grades in Silicone, Fluorosilicone, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, HNBR and Viton. Our unique tool design can produce seals with straight joins in endless seals to mitered or fully moulded corners, combined with our life cycle seal fatigue testing ensures our seals always meet customer expectation.

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