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Specialised Engineering Products (SEP) produce specialist Safety Products including the FingerSaver hand safety tool and the 'S' Hook Hose & Cable tidy system. We manufacture and stock these at SEP (in the UK), meaning that you will receive your safety product promptly and in the knowledge that like other SEP products, the safety products are manufactured to an incredibly high standard.

We have the ability to ship these products worldwide so if you are interested, get in touch with us for more information, including pricing. You can do this either by phoning on +44 (0)1794 830757 or you can send an email to sales@specialisedengineering.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

Feedback Required: As we prepare to conduct our annual review of FingerSaver/Safety Product distributors, we are looking for feedback from end users. This includes anything from customer experience to delivery performance, positive or negative, we'd like to know. Please email your feedback to info@fingersaver.co.uk.

Products Overview

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Without the FingerSaver you are exposing yourself to potential hand or finger injuries. Your hands are your most important day to day tool. If you damage your hands, or particularly and more importantly, your fingers, you will be affected in everything you do. From getting dressed to washing your face, you will have a constant reminder of an injury that could have been avoided. Don't put your hands where they can be injured, stay safe. When using the FingerSaver you are able to keep your hands away from any potential danger of impact. The FingerSaver is designed to be held by yourself, or it can be held in position by a work mate to further reduce the risk of injury. The FingerSaver tool allows you to mitigate any risk involved in the task at hand, and it gives you the confidence to perform the work activity safely and without injury to your hands.

We can manufacture to supply in bulk and also hold a large stock of both sizes of FingerSaver. The large FingerSaver is 850mm long and the standard size FingerSaver is 375mm long. For more information about the FingerSaver, please visit the FingerSaver website: www.FingerSaver.co.uk

To see the safety test certificate for the FingerSaver, please click here. (Please Note: This certificate was issued for the safety lanyard but is 100% applicable to the FingerSaver due to the same material used for the strap.)

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Please Note: When using the FingerSaver, the use of ALL standard site safety wear and personal protective equipment should always be maintained. We recommend the use of lanyards; where possible attached directly to the spanner or tool. Important information regarding the Safe Working Practice and the Policy of Replacement Parts of the FingerSaver can be found on our Downloads page.

safety lanyard

The 'S' Hook safety system can assist with creating a safe and non-hazardous work area by keeping all your cables and hoses off the ground where they would otherwise be causing tripping hazards. Slip and trip accidents can happen at any time and for a number of reasons, evidence shows that bad housekeeping, untidy work areas are the main cause of many workplace injuries and accidents.

The SPS Hose & Cable Tidy can be used to eliminate the number of slip and trip accidents you experience by keeping unwanted messy hoses and cables off the floor in congested areas. Improving housekeeping in this way would eliminate a large number of potential accidents in the workplace. For more information on the 'S' Hook, please visit the SPS website at www.SafetyProductSolutions.co.uk

To see the safety test certificate for the 'S' Hook, please click here.


safety lanyard

Our safety tool lanyard is 1m long and made from a tough seat belt webbing material that can be attached to hand tools to prevent them falling to the ground when working at height. Don't leave yourself exposed to these dangers. Dropping your tools from height can cause serious injury to people working below you.

For more information on the Safety Lanyard, please visit www.FingerSaver.co.uk and www.SafetyProductSolutions.co.uk.

To see the safety test certificate for the Safety Lanyard, please click here.


safety lanyard

Make people aware of hazards by using the SPS safety signs. These signs can be supplied in magnetic or non magnetic and even glow in the dark if required to keep staff safe in poor light areas. All signs are all supplied on a quality laminated ridged foam board that is 5mm thick meaning a long life-span and they will survive environmental wear and tear.

For more information on the Safety Signs, please visit www.SafetyProductSolutions.co.uk.

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