customer experience

Thank you, you pulled us out of the...


Thanks for your excellent support.


Thank you so much. You have been a great help. Far superior to anyone else I have spoke too.

August 2018

Thanks for a good service!

June 2018

Massive thank you also for getting this to us today.

May 2018

I can confirm they are all good... working a treat! Thanks for all your help and getting the first offs turned around so quickly!

March 2018

Business with SEP going really, really well, exceptional service!

February 2018

Excellent service as always thanks very much!

November 2017

Thanks for all your help over the years, it's a been a pleasure to work with you & your colleagues!

October 2017

Lifesaver for urgent supply!

October 2017

Thanks for getting them gaskets out... it really saved my bacon!

September 2017

Wowsers! That was quick; if only all suppliers were like you.

April 2017

That is wonderful news. Thank you for pushing the delivery up for us, it is really appreciated.


Thanks for your great support!


We really appreciate your co-operation and extremely professional approach, I’m so glad we found you!

August 2018

Thanks very much for your excellent service offered to date on this matter. I hope that the findings from this trial will indeed lead to more work between us.

June 2018

That’s great news. Please pass on our gratitude to all involved in getting them done so soon.

APRIL 2018

You should be noted on the sterling service afforded us yesterday... Your swift response (and continued supply) resulted in us continuing production, and not losing huge monies in downtime and backlog – we could potentially have lost around £6500 per hour until the gaskets concerned were available. We really do value your support and continued service to us, and you ALL continue to produce magic when we need!

March 2018

Thank you so much for getting these parts rushed through so quickly, you were always one of my best suppliers... you haven’t let me down and I really appreciate it!

December 2017

Many thanks for your help all week but especially on Sunday, this was greatly appreciated!

November 2017

Thanks again. You always deliver great service, cheers.

October 2017

I owe you guys a debt of gratitude for getting us out of a hole back in March with allowing us to come down & pick up a replacement seal.

May 2017

Thank you email for exceptional service going above and beyond for us and the end user!

December 2016
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