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SEP have invested heavily in the very latest machinery over the last few years and to go alongside this, the same invesment commitment to software was required to aid our Design & Manufacturing service. Read more about our design and manufacturing options / possibilities below and please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team if you have any questions - they will happy to assist you.


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Solidworks Professional 3D CAD Software

SEP made the exciting move to 3D CAD in 2014 with SolidWorks Professional to allow us to develop our design capabilities. By investing in this globally recognised 3D package, all of our rubber mould tools, extrusion profiles, valves, machined components and other products are now fully designed and modeled in 3D form.

As a result, nearly ALL mould tooling is designed and manufactured in house using the part created with SolidWorks Professional 3D modelling software and Delcam for Solidworks CAM package.

Specialised Engineering Products also subscribe to receive upgrades to the latest version of the Solidworks software each year meaning we always have the very latest features and technology available to utilise.

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Autodesk FeatureCAM CAM Software

Autodesk is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software.

FeatureCAM software automates your workflow from design to NC code. reduce programming time, and produce consistent results for CNC milling, turning, and wire applications. FeatureCAM enables us to design and create products ranging from highly complex mould and die tools with undercuts to very high tolerance aerospace parts.


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ATOM Multi Zoned Vacuum Bed cnc knife cutting machines

Specialised Engineering Products boast the most technologically advanced gasket and profile cutting workshop within the UK. We have CNC oscillating knife cutting machines that offer our customers unrivalled accuracy, speed and quality, capable of cutting all gasket materials – from laminated tanged graphite to four-inch thick sponge – to the most demanding tolerances. Read more on our CNC Waterjet & Knife Cut Gaskets & Profiles page.

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Another brand new machine with the only microhead cutting technology in the UK; offering the finest of tolerances even on the most challenging laminates and soft faced materials. Along with a second standard head SEP offers the versatility to cut virtually any material up to 300mm thick; a cutting area of 3M x 2M covers nearly all one piece requirements. Read more on our CNC Waterjet & Knife Cut Gaskets & Profiles page.

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Rubber Moulding Presses

The rubber moulding facilities at SEP meet the most demanding customer expectations from industries such as aerospace, pharmaceutical and Formula One. Our comprehensive range of moulding presses manufactured to our own modular specification and design provides SEP with robust, reliable, energy efficient equipment. ALL platen formats are identical allowing full interchangeable tool loading to any press, giving us unrivalled ability when responding to urgent requirements. Our presses are suited to compression and transfer injection of small batch work as well as high volume production with ALL tooling hydraulically opened and closed, preventing operator damage. Read more on our Rubber Moulding, Extrusion & Inflatable Seals page.

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DMG DMU 50 Ecoline 5 Axis CNC Mill

The DMU 50 ecoline universal milling machine shows its strength when processing time as well as work piece shape and position tolerances require machining in one setup. This mill offers us 5 sided machining of workpieces weighing up to 200kg with the highest shape and precision tolerances, especially in opposing holes, with an overall working area of 500mm (X axis) x 450mm (Y axis) x 400mm (Z axis). Read more on our Machined Components page.

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DMG EcoTurn 450 CNC Mill/Turn Lathe

A modern CNC turning machine must be productive, flexible and easy to operate. The ecoTurn range proves that these properties are not a paradox. The workpiece is created using the turret and cutting-edge drive technology with high rapid traverses of 30 m/min. Moreover, the design of the machines ensures good visibility during operation.Read more on our Machined Components page.

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The Axiom Too is a fully motorised moving bridge type CMM with a granite & honeycomb aluminium bed - offering support for components up to 300kg. It's unique design of self adjusting air bearings are used on each axis to provide excellent stability. We have also purchased the Aberlink Camera System. This allows non-contact measurement to be carried out. This CMM is capable of hands-free inspection to First Article standards, perfect for the Aerospace industry. Read more on our Machined Components page.

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