Inflatable Seals

The inflatable seals manufactured by SEP are designed to provide a clean, time saving solution to hermetic sealing against, powders, granules, gases, liquids and dust.

These seals are most useful to seal fabricated pieces of equipment where:

•  the sealing gap may vary
•  fast efficient assembly and disassembly is required
•  hygienic procedures exist (FDA applications)

Generally working from within a given groove size the seals can operate axially, radially inward or radially outward. All seals are supplied with a suitable inflation connector, selected to accommodate any restrictions associated with the equipment or customer preference.

Inflatable Seals Technical

Seal Inflation Connector

Seal Inflation Connector

Seal Inflation Connector

Seal Inflation Connector

Seal Inflation Connector

Inflatable Seal Profiles

All suitable materials are available, these include Silicone, EPDM & Viton in FDA compliant grades where required. We carry a large number of common profiles in stock, enabling a fast turnaround of inflatable seals when required.

We utilise a high pressure ‘Shot Moulding technique, which injects an identical compound at the join forming a high strength bond, with a clean smooth line finish. No additives or adhesives form part of the bond. This process provides the seal with an ability to work under higher pressures than most if not all other similar type seals in the market.

The same ‘Shot Moulding’ technique is used to bond most types of inflation connectors to the seals. This procedure bonds the connector to the parent seal during the vulcanisation of the injected compound, the strength of which far exceeds any mechanical fixing or adhesive bond, associated with this type of seal.

All seals manufactured by SEP are independently pressure tested and supplied with a supporting ‘Test Certificate’. These tests on free standing, unsupported seals vary from 1 bar to 4 bar pressure, dependent on the profile type and/or customer specification.

With the aid of purpose designed test rigs, which enclose the seal, our production techniques are tested (and supported with proven case history) on some profiles to perform at up to 12 bar pressure.

Our inflatable seals are used in a wide array of industries including Offshore, Marine, Pharmaceutical and Food & Drink. You will also find them widely used across the Aerospace, Nuclear & Defence divisions.

Seal Description
Example: 1150 / SEP1A / 3 / a / 1234 / R
Developed length (mm); Type of extrusion profile;
Seal face orientation (1 = radially outwards, 2 = radially inwards, 3 = axially up or down);
Inflation connector orientation (a = opposite seal face, b = side wall adjacent to seal face);
Valve connector type and parts; Colour (R = red, W = white).

  • Inflatable Seal Profiles
  • Inflatable Seal Profile
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Seal Inflation Connector

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