Metaliic Gaskets & Ring Type Joints

Metallic ring type joints (RTJ’s) are heavy duty, high pressure gaskets largely used in offshore and refining petrochemical applications. The precision engineered solid metal gasket provides an excellent mechanical joint, when used in conjunction with precision machined flanges of the appropriate material and hardness; the gasket material is typically about 30 Brinell less than the flange material. Ring joints can be manufactured to API 6A, ASME B16.20 and BS7076 pt 2 standards and to customers’ own specifications.

Availability of standard specifications
Type Nominal Pipe Size Class Ratings
Type R Oval & Octagonal ½” to 24” 150 to 2500 ASME B16.20
26" to 36" 300 to 900 ASME B16.20
1½" to 20" Series A API 6A
Type RX 1½" to 24" 720 to 5000 ASME B16.20
26" to 36" 300 to 900 ASME B16.20 Series A
1½" to 20" API 6A
Type BX 11116"to 21¼ 5000 to 20000 ASME B16.20

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Metallic Gasket
Metallic Gasket

Ring Type Joint

The type R oval configuration is the original ring joint design and was followed by the type R octagonal which offers more specific contact sealing areas. Both types can be used with flanges having the standard ring joint flat bottom groove and hold off flanges by a specified amount, relying entirely on correctly applied initial bolt load for their proper operation in service.

Metallic gaskets of varying designs and materials are available from SEP on short lead times. These gaskets or seals can be as diverse as simple press cut soft iron washers, tight tolerance compressor head rings in aluminium to exotic copper valve seals.

Ring Type Joint with PTFE Insert

RTJ with PTFE insert prevents build up of debris in the annular space between outer diameter of the ring and the bore of the flange. Also reduces turbulence as product flows past the gasket.

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