Camprofile Gaskets

Camprofile gaskets consist of a metal core, with machined concentric grooves on each side, covered with a thin, bonded soft layer of sealing material. The serrated metallic core is very effective for sealing in applications where high temperatures, high pressures and fluctuating process conditions exist. They can be used without sealing layers, but there is a risk of flange surface damage, especially at high seating loads. The sealing layers protect flange surfaces from damage whilst offering excellent, conforming sealing properties when supported by the serrated metal core.

Camprofile gaskets are ideal for both standard pipe and heat exchanger applications; the metallic core and sealing material is dependant on the service duty.

SEP recommend the use of graphite as the sealing material where possible; only in cases where graphite may cause media pollution, is not chemically resistant or is outside recommended temperature limits should an alternative material be selected.

Assuming an appropriate metallic core material is selected, the operating limits of available sealing materials are:

Sealing Layer Material Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Maximum Pressure Gas Tightness Application
Graphite -200°C 450°C 400 bar Good Aggressive Media
PTFE -200°C 260°C 150 bar Good Aggressive Media
High Temp -200°C 1000°C 20 bar Average Gases

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Unless otherwise requested we recommend the core thickness is 3mm up to 1500mm diameter and 4mm above; available core materials are:
Stainless Steel 304,304L,316,316L,320,321,347,410
Monel – 400
Nickel – 200
Inconel – 600,625
Incoloy – 800,825

Camprofiles feature as standard a profile with a 1mm cam pitch and a maximum groove depth of 0.5mm, generally in one of the following configurations:

Camprofile Gaskets Technical Drawing
Camprofile Gasket & Tape

Camprofile cores are re-usable after service, if appropriately cleaned, inspected and re-faced with new sealing material. This is of particular advantage in the case of heat exchanger gaskets.

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