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More updates have been made to www.specialisedengineering.co.uk throughout June & July 2016. Take a look below to find out what’s new.

Formula 1

Formula 1 is the most watched annual sporting series in the world; with more than 525 million people watching over the course of a season; an estimated turnover of more than £3 billion GBP - it embodies the cutting edge of technology in the automotive industry.

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formula 1 spectators

Rubber Extrusion

A product page showcasing our Rubber Extrusion product range. Particular attention to detail plays a vital role in the manufacture of extruded sections and profiles, with various applications demanding different tolerance control. SEP takes a keen interest in the intended use of products to ensure that they are always suitable in terms of dimensional stability, hardness, colour matching where required, and that the most reliable rubber is used.

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rubber extrusion profiles

Rubber To Metal Bonding

Take at a look at our Rubber to Metal Bonding page for more information and images. At SEP, with our "Inspirational thinking, Innovative ideas and Intelligent manufacturing" techniques, we have a great deal of experience and success with rubber to metal bonding across a variety of elastomers.

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o rings

Studbolts & Fasteners

We have overhauled our Studbolts & Fasteners landing page. You will now find detailed technical information and specifications for specific studbolts and fasteners including the common grades such as Grade B5, Grade B7, Grade B8 & Grade B16.

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studbolts & fasteners