FingerSaver Compact Released To Distributors

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fingersaver compact

Today we are pleased to announce after a sustained period of final testing, coupled with some design tweaks, we are happy and satisfied enough to release the Compact FingerSaver to our distributors for real life testing and evaluation purposes.

After revealing the initial concept design well over 10 months ago - and having since been in final testing for 6 months - we have altered the design throughout this period to enable us to release what we deem a safe and secure product fit for purpose, like the rest of the FingerSaver range.

The main hurdle we had to overcome during testing was the difficulty securing smaller tools - this was extremely important due to this being the main purpose of this FingerSaver. To achieve satisfactory results, a hole has been placed within the body of the product to provide an entry point for these tools to prevent rotation upon impact (see images below for examples).

Please Note:
1) Where possible, your tools MUST BE secured using this hole, otherwise you may run the risk of injury.
2) The tool shown in the images are simply a usage suggestion.

fingersaver compact correct usage

We are currently in the process of sending 100 Compact FingerSavers to our distributors for free to enable you to try them in the field. Please feel free to provide us with any feedback on the performance of the FingerSaver and any improvements you feel could be neccessary to potentially improve the product. Please send these to and any suggestions will be reviewed.

We look forward to hearing from our distributors and releasing the final details very shortly as soon as we feel our final evaluation of the product is complete.


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