rubber to metal bonded part

Strong rubber to metal bonding is difficult to achieve even with the more compatible of those two materials. Many companies claim to have the capability, but few actually understand it and do it as well as we do at Specialised Engineering Products.

Rubber to metal bonding is a method where rubber is mechanically bonded to metal during the rubber moulding process. The typical requirement for a rubber to metal bonded component include any part requiring the combination of the flexibility of rubber and the stability of a metal.

To achieve a successful bond, much of the value lies in mould tooling design, surface preparation processes, primer selection and curing configuration (temperature, pressure and duration).

With our "Inspirational thinking, Innovative ideas and Intelligent manufacturing" techniques, we have a great deal of experience and success with rubber to metal bonding across a variety of elastomers.

rubber moulding
rubber to metal bonded component

Rubber to metal bonding is a precision process. SEP have the ability to provide rubber to metal bonded parts, all with guaranteed strength.

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