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The rubber moulding facilities at Specialised Engineering Products meet the most demanding customer expectations from industries such as aerospace, pharmaceutical and Formula One. From our cleanroom manufacturing and climate-controlled compound storage, we produce fully traceable, high quality components in clean whites, F.D.A compliant elastomers, rubber to metal bonded parts, and virtually any shape in any rubber.


New Adjacent 1800sq/ft Unit AcquiredSEP offer a total rubber moulding package from consultation and 3D modelling to tool design and in house tool making; we can assist with product design and project management from prototyping through to life cycle fatigue testing. We have a wealth of experience and expertise in moulding ALL rubber in ALL available colours to ALL specifications; we specialise in rubber to metal bonding and producing clean, tight tolerance parts for Aerospace and Pharmaceutical applications. Our range of stock compounds includes Natural Rubber, EPDM, Butyl, Neoprene, Nitrile, HNBR, Viton, Aflas, Silicone and Fluorosilicone in many colours and specification grades such as FDA compliance. Take a look at our rubber directory for more information.


New Adjacent 1800sq/ft Unit Acquired

Our comprehensive range of moulding presses manufactured to our own modular specification and design provides SEP with robust, reliable, energy efficient equipment. ALL platen formats are identical allowing full interchangeable tool loading to any press, giving us unrivalled ability when responding to urgent requirements. Our presses are suited to compression and transfer injection of small batch work as well as high volume production with ALL tooling hydraulically opened and closed, preventing operator damage. The compact, easy to clean design with 360 degree access to loaded tooling assists in maintaining clean, contaminant free mouldings' giving any visiting customer a lasting impression of cleanliness, innovation and quality.


Despite 20+ years' experience, here at SEP we are always learning and developing our rubber moulding and tooling methods and capabilities. Over recent years, our experience has progressed rapidly, driven by the requirements of customers in industries such as aerospace and Formula 1 - such customers require short turnaround times, exceptional customer service and high quality parts on time. By utilising our CAD/CAM software, we have the ability to work from 2D/3D computer models to rapidly produce initial designs and solutions to satisfy the customer's needs.

mould tool

Any mould tool design will be dependent on a number of factors, including:
- The precision of the finished parts and tolerance requirements
- Any critical features
- Any cosmetic or specific finishing requirements
- The dimensions and orientation of the finished part
- Are inserts required?
- The particular material required for the application
- The quantities, production rates and lead times required.

Our technical and machining team are highly qualified and highly experienced and we understand rubber moulding tooling is a costly investment which we take seriously on your behalf, through design and manufacture to thoughtful storage. Our commitment to continuous improvement has taught us, if there is one outstanding lesson, it is the earlier a designer involves us, the greater the benefits in terms of cost, design effectiveness and ease of production.

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