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  • Rubber Extrusion

Particular attention to detail plays a vital role in the manufacture of extruded sections and profiles, with various applications demanding different tolerance control. SEP takes a keen interest in the intended use of products to ensure that they are always suitable in terms of dimensional stability, hardness, colour matching where required, and that the most reliable rubber is used.

An almost infinite range of sections can be produced in most grades of rubber i.e. food grades (FDA), high and low temperature capabilities and compounds resistant to known medium.


Whilst most rubbers can be joined using a comprehensive range of modern adhesives, the most successful method of joining two pieces of cured rubber together permanently is by hot vulcanising. This process can offer virtual equivalence in strength, flexibility and resistance to product or atmospheric attack and maintain the clean lines of an endless moulded product.

This process is normally utilised for manufacturing products that are impractical to mould in one piece, offering significant savings in tool charges with quicker deliveries.

Typical Vulcanised Products

- Large section or diameter 'O' Rings
- Hollow section seals (tube, etc.)
- Large segmented gaskets (exceeding available sheet sizes)
- Large segmented gaskets with profiled section
- Sleeves and ducting
- All profiled extrusion
- Inflatable Seals (Up to 12 bar rated)

hot vulcanised extrusion to corner mouldings

Cleanroom, climate controlled storage and unique, innovative production procedures ensures ALL rubber parts meet our customer expectation and perception of manufacture.

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