Metal Jacketed & Soft Faced Metal Gaskets

Metal jacketed gaskets consist of a partial or full metal envelope, covering a soft pliable core. The sealing filler provides good resilience to aid sealing, while the metal jacket offers the suitable strength required for higher pressure applications, fluctuating temperatures and protection from corrosion of the core. Metal jacketed gaskets offer a relatively economical seal where sealing faces are narrow; they can be produced in a variety of shapes, making them a good option for heat exchangers with good, even flange surface finish (maximum 1.6um).

As well as Heat Exchangers metal jacketed gaskets are used in Vessels, Valve Bonnets, Pumps, Autoclaves, Engines and Exhaust Systems.

Metal jacketed heat exchanger gaskets often consist of a sealing outer ring with integral partition bars; SEP recommend (where possible) that the outer ring seals independently, with any partition bars welded in position and not fabricated in one piece. Typical heat exchanger configurations are generally 3mm thick

Jacket Materials   Application
Soft Iron Aluminium Titanium Nickel PTFE
Copper Stainless Steel Inconel Hastelloy Millboard
Brass Monel Incoloy 5 bar Graphite

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Metal Jacketed & Soft Faced Metal Gaskets

Soft faced metal gaskets are an alternative to metal jacketed where the requirement is for softer, conforming sealing layers applied to the faces of a metal core. Whilst camprofile or corrugated gasket upgrades may be considered, the cost of machined serrations may not be necessary or machining/corrugating large rectangular shaped gaskets is impractical.

The cores are reusable after service, if appropriately cleaned, inspected and re-faced with new sealing material.

A typical gasket would be 3mm stainless steel, faced both sides with 0.5mm graphite.

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