Graphite Laminate Gaskets

Our range of exfoliated graphite products are designed for demanding, higher temperature applications typical of the petrochemical and refining industries. Manufactured from high purity exfoliated graphite, the product is available with a variety of metallic inserts that increase its tensile strength, load bearing capacity and improves handling characteristics.

Ultra high purity grades for the nuclear industry are also available.

Tanged reinforcement, normally a tanged 0.10mm thick 316 stainless steel insertion mechanically bonded between graphite sheet, resulting in a sturdy gasket material with excellent mechanical strength, capable of sealing higher internal pressures than standard foil reinforced grades.

Cut tanged gaskets can occasionally leave sharp edges; therefore adequate care must be taken during handling, fitting and removal.

Both grades are available from SEP in sheet or cut gasket form, with or without ‘Anti-Stick’ finish to a maximum sheet size of 1.5M x 1.5M. Larger sized gaskets can, depending on service conditions, be successfully dove-tail joined.

Cut gaskets are also available with a 316 stainless steel eyelet which removes potential process contamination and improves the gaskets’ blow-out resistance.

General Properties
• High and low operating temperatures -196OC to 400OC
• Excellent chemical resistance – PH range 0 to 14
• Excellent compressibility
• Resistant to thermal cycling
• Excellent stress retention – ideal for steam applications
• Excellent storage life

Graphite Laminate gasket in labelled bag
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