Glass, Ceramics & Mineral Wools

Since the abolition of asbestos, the textile industry has adapted well in producing high temperature textiles to cope with the varying demands of Industry today.

SEP offer various textiles manufactured from:
Aramid – 300°C
Glass – 550°C
Glass/Wire – 600°C
Silica – 1000°C
Ceramic – 1100°C

Most materials are available in varying forms:
Tape – including webbing and ladder Rope
Fabricated Parts

Dependant upon application many textiles are available with an array of coatings from Aluminium Foils to Rubbers such as Silicone, Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM and Viton. These coatings can often assist with service conditions, handling, seal-ability and/or fabrication.

Fabricated forms such as flexible fabric connectors/compensators can be produced for the most challenging of duties, offering resistances to high temperature, extreme cold, oils and chemicals, abrasion, or even just the
weather. The majority of fabrications are sewn in either kevlar, ptfe/glass fibre or stainless steel thread for high temperature applications.

SEP also offer excellent quality, close tolerance, clean cut gaskets and shapes from high temperature resistant millboards and high strength papers produced from mineral wool fibre sheets/rolls.

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