Elastagraph Gaskets

Elastagraph gaskets are made by infusing a seamless layer of flexible graphite at varying densities and thicknesses over a corrugated metallic core; the standard core being 316 Stainless Steel, with other alloys available on request. Elastagraph utilises a unique corrugated pattern which increases the depth of the groove and the pitch of the corrugation. This greatly improves the gasket’s seal-ability over other corrugated designs.

The increased pitch and groove depth increase Elastagraph’s recovery or ‘spring back’ and reduces the surface area of the gasket for a greater unit load at initial torque, as well as a lower minimum seating stress. This ensures maintenance of bolt load during thermal cycling.

The proprietary production process allows the graphite to be applied without the ‘seam’ that is present in other gaskets fabricated from flexible graphite sheets. Furthermore the inner diameter of the Elastagraph gasket is encapsulated by high density flexible graphite providing total corrosion resistance and increasing seal-ability over traditional laminated designs.

Unlike other corrugated designs Elastagraph does not contain any adhesive that would normally contribute to bolt torque loss.

ANSI 1/2” to 24” Class 150 & 300lb. DIN sizes 10,16,25,40 bar. Non standard sizes/special shapes available upon request. Heat exchanger gaskets are available in a selection of flange widths from 9.5mm to 25mm.

•  Creates a tight seal at low bolt loads
•  Can be used where there is insufficient bolt load to seal spiral wound gaskets
•  High and low operating temperatures from -200OC to 450OC
•  Excellent chemical resistance – PH range 0 to 14
•  Outstanding resistance to thermal cycling
•  Safe to handle, fit and easy to remove after service
•  Lowest emissions of any corrugated graphite gasket
•  Tolerant to flange imperfections
•  Pre-compressed graphite resistant to marking/damage during fitting
•  Rigid design good for easy posting between flanges
•  Moulded identification prevents incorrect gasket sizes being fitted

The world's only corrugated metal flange gasket individually moulded with exfoliated gaskets

Elastagraph Cross Section

Elastagraph Close Up

Fire Test Certificate

Elastagraph gaskets supplied by SEP are fire tested and conform to API Standard 607 Rev. 4.

Click the image opposite to see the Fire Test Certificate.

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