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james mclaren

SEP are proud to announce our support for local Singer/Songwriter, James McLaren. McLaren takes the singer songwriter genre to a new place. Most at home on the electric guitar, his abilities and musical influences are more rock than acoustic troubadour.

From a sporting and musical family, James is a talented sportsman and is in training for a charity white-collar boxing tournament. His grandfather John played professional football and was a welterweight boxing champion.

However James’ ultimate passion moved from sport to music after he discovered a 1977 Fender Strat in the attic at 13. Immediately besotted he quickly learnt the art and then played in the customary punk and rock bands around the country in his late teens before becoming a solo artist.

James’ debut EP ‘Stay Aboard’ is due for release on 10th November 2014. It’s made up of three gorgeous, lyrically evocative songs – ‘Stay Aboard’, ‘Don’t Know
Love’ and ‘For a Day’ - that impress on first listen.

Please take a look at McLaren’s YouTube channel by visiting to watch the video for his single ‘Stay Aboard’ and read the video description for news regarding an initial tour around some of the UK’s Universities, or simply watch the embedded video below. Thank you.