High Success Rate With Implemented Recycling Improvements

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You may recall back in December 2014 and also included in our 4th Quarter 2014 newsletter, we announced our intentions to step up our recycling efforts at SEP. We outlined our improvement plans; these included purchasing multiple new recycling bins for use around the office and factory, as well as an extra industrial cardboard bin outside. This enabled us to completely separate general waste from readily recyclable materials.

We were regularly filling 3 general waste wheelie bins with landfill waste and just 1 recycling waste wheelie bin per week, with each of these bins equating to approximately 1 cubic metre each. As part of our ongoing community and environmental efforts, the SEP team were tasked with reducing our landfill waste and doing what we can to increase the recycling waste.

6 months down the line, we are proud to say, for the last 3 consecutive months we have only filled 2 general waste bins per week and increased our recycling waste now to 2 bins per week. If we continue at this rate over the rest of the year, we will have successfully reduced our landfill waste by 52 cubic metres per year! This is effectively equivalent in volume to 7 large Ford Transit Vans!

We are incredibly optimistic that as we move into the future, we will strive to continue yet also improve these figures wherever possible.