Former Employee Begins New Business Venture

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Former Specialised Engineering Products employee Leon Mead visited us with a plan for a new business and asked if we would be interested in supplying the components. Now, just a few months later, the BungeeSpongee® is beginning to take off in the fishing industry.

BungeeSpongee® is a unique product which Leon invented for use for when he went sea fishing on charter boats. It is a simple and handy piece of equipment. The reason for this is that in this sort of environment, things can get very messy, not only for your hands, but the boat, fishing box, rods etc.

BungeeSpongee® cures the problem of wiping your hand in your jeans and having a messy boat! It is designed to wrap around the rail on a boat and be thrown into the sea to bring instant water to your finger tips when needed.

Using Leon’s ideas, SEP have developed the design of the sponge shapes further and have then proceeded to cut them on our ATOM FlashCut, based in our CNC Waterjet & Knife Cut Gaskets & Profiles section. Our ATOM FlashCut is the perfect machine for this as it is able to cut the variety of shapes with extreme ease and speed, despite being from 60mm sponge! Leon also used SEP for our experience and facilities for rubber moulding the washers that secure the bungee cord.

Please take a look at the BungeeSpongee® website, coming soon at

NOTE: The design and idea of BungeeSpongee® has been protected:

- For the E.U: “Protected under European Community Registered Design No. 002010678-0001”
- For the U.S: “Patent D685553”
- For Japan: “Protected under Japan Registered Design No. 1465261”
- For China: “Protected under Chinese Design Patent Registration No. ZL 2012 3 0434455.6”

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