The New SEP Site Is Live!

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New SEP Website

The new Specialised Engineering Products (SEP) site is now live. Our old website served a purpose but with the re brand procedure, we realised the website needed taking to the next level and bringing into the 21st Century. We are really pleased to say that we are delighted with the final outcome and now have a website to be proud of.

As part of the website redesign, SEP are now also a keen user of social media. We feel that by using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram, we have the ability to show our company and display our qualities to our customers around the world. This is an exciting project that SEP are looking forward to undertaking. You can find out more about SEP on social media by reading this article: 'SEP are now Social!'

Some features of the new SEP site are:

  • The New Brand - The main new feature of the new SEP site is that the entire site shows off our new brand. This comes in the form of colour scheme changes and subtle differences across the site to make each section easy to recognise and associate.
  • Responsive Design - The new SEP site automatically scales to fit the screen of the device you are viewing the site on. This is enabled to give you the quickest and best viewing experience.
  • Latest News - The site is constantly and regularly updated with new news articles of the things going on in and around SEP.
  • Social Media Integration - The SEP site now includes social media integration. At the top of every page you have our 5 main social links (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & Skype). You can also share any snippets of info from our site by selecting sections of text and then choosing the certain social channel you want to share it with.
  • And much more... - Have a browse and check out the site. We are pleased with it, hope you are too!