Interactive Inflatable Seal Profiles To Be Added To SEP Website

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Interactive Inflatable Seal Profiles To Be Added To SEP Website

As a very exciting addition to our website, we are currently in the process of adding each of our 70+, and ever growing, range of inflatable seal profiles to it in 3D format, allowing users to rotate and inspect each profile in it’s true 3D form.

For this process, we are utilising Solidworks Professional 2015 to model, design and animate each profile. Each and every profile will have its own dedicated page within the inflatable seals profile section where every important detail is listed from basic dimensions to colour and availability.

On screen colour charts will also be easily accessible. We will have the majority of colours from the 3 most well used colour charts - RAL, British Standards & Pantone - laid out beautifully across 3 pages, allowing users 'at-a-glance' viewing of the huge range of colour options available. (Please note, the colours displayed will only offer only an approximation of their actual real life counterparts. SEP will not be held responsible for any mismatch as the accuracy of each screen this site is viewed on will vary. The colours shown are to be used as a guide only.)

Each profile over time will have a fully functioning animation allowing end users to see the true inflated working height of each seal at certain inflation pressures. This allows the end user to get a true idea of how each profile will perform, under different circumstances, before making a decision on which one to implement.

The biggest benefit to this addition will be that you will not need any special software to view the profiles! The profiles will be viewable in any browser on PC / Mac / iPhone / iPod / iPad / Android - you name it, you can view it. However, to rotate the 3D models and view the inflation animations, you will need to download the PDF document of the profile required and open in Adobe Reader, something nearly every computer has. Even if you don't have it, you can download it for free!

This section will be added over the coming months so do please keep an eye out for it and take a look – a lot of time and investment has gone into it!