Google Search & Translate Functionality Added

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At SEP we are always trying to impress and this extends to the new website.

To continue to improve the new website, we have added Search and Translate functionality using the fantastic tools provided by Google. This means that you know what you will be using is going to work and is incredibly accurate and reliable.

The Search functionality is standalone on a separate page. By incorporating it this way, it allows us to dedicate an entire section of our site due to the wide product ranges that we can supply. Results will appear in a paginated format preventing lengthy scrolling but also keeping you familiar with the well known Google search experience.

The Translate functionality, we hope, will be a big asset to our website. Our analytics and statistics show that we are getting a large number of hits from multiple countries across Europe and the Rest of the World. It is due to these hits that we decided to make it as easy as possible for our audience to find and locate what they are looking for. To use the Google Translate tool, just choose your language from the dropdown box located at the top of every page. (Please note: this feature is currently only available on Desktop and Tablet devices)

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You can now search the SEP site using the Search page on our website (located in the nav bar and at the bottom of every page)
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There is also the ability to translate any page of our website into the language you need using the built in Google Translate tool.