FOR SALE: Genuine Viton 'A' Offcuts

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genuine viton a

After completing a recent job for a customer, where we were required to buy a large quantity of material, SEP have 101 offcuts of Genuine Viton 'A' rubber for sale.

The rectangles are 1.5mm thick and available in 2 sizes. The quantity and sizes for sale are:

- 17 smaller rectangles - 270mm x 300mm (approximate)

- 84 larger rectangles - 250mm x 320mm (approximate)

These 101 pieces have been stored safely and handled carefully meaning we have a great deal on offer here. Specialised Engineering Products are simply selling these due to having very little need for material this size.

For more information, please get in touch with us and we will hopefully be able to offer you a good deal on this material.


  • genuine viton a
  • genuine viton a
  • genuine viton a
  • genuine viton a

A small gallery of the Genuine Viton 'A' Offcuts that SEP have for sale:

- The 17 smaller pieces are 270mm x 300mm (approx.) x 1.5mm thick

- The 84 larger sizes are 250mm x 320mm (approx.) x 1.5mm thick.

We have more information on Viton, including it's properties, limitations and typical applications on our Rubber Directory page.