*** SOLD *** 2x Rubber Moulding Presses

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rubber moulding presses for sale

Updated: 20th May 2016

***SOLD ***
We currently have two Bradley and Turton Rubber Moulding Presses for sale complete with a pump pack. They both have 16” platens, one has an opening of 9” and the other is 10 ½” opening. Both presses run at 80 ton pressure and they have been well looked after. They were overhauled 3 years ago where the paint was removed so they are back to plain steel / cast materials so that they were easier to maintain.

The reason for them going is that we have had growth in the vulcanising shop and a long term plan was put in place 3 years ago to design and build some bespoke c section presses in house with the same 80 ton pressure.

If you are interested in purchasing these presses or require more information, please get in touch and we will do our best to assist your enquiry.