Co-Ordinate Measuring Machined Up & Running

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Axiom Too CMM

As part of the next stage of the Machine Shop upgrade, the new CMM is now installed and functional. 4 members of staff have undertaken training on the machine and software, and we are now able to measure components accurately, as well as precisely, to First Article Inspection standards where required.

As explained on our Machined Components page, The Axiom Too offers us a complete measuring package, with PC, peripherals, Aberlink 3D Measuring Software, a Renishaw probe, styli, a reference sphere and mist filters. The machine is a fully motorised moving bridge type CMM with a granite & honeycomb aluminium bed - offering support for components up to 300kg. It's unique design of self adjusting air bearings are used on each axis to provide excellent stability.

We have also purchased the Aberlink Camera System. This allows non-contact measurement to be carried out. The image is displayed on the monitor and full edge detection tools are available from within the 3D Measuring Software. The camera system offers a manual focus lens, for extra clarity, with focal lengths up to 400mm, with a field view of 35mm. It is also fully backlit, giving a clear, crisp image.

For more information on the other new machinery part of our newly refurbished machined components section, please take a look at our Machined Components page.