1st Anniversary of SEP Site Re-launch

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It was just over 1 year ago, 31st January 2014, we marked the re-brand of SEP with the launch of the new website - something that has since gone on to be a big success. As we explained at the time, our old website served a purpose but with the re brand procedure, we realised the website needed taking to the next level and bringing into the 21st Century.

Here are some incredible statistics collated over the course of 2014. (New site v Old site)

- 39% increase in number of visits
- 203% increase in the total number of pages viewed
- 644% increase in hits – the total number of files requested – more information on site
- 2400% increase in updates compared to the old site! (based on average number of updates per month figure – this includes news articles, new features, up-to-date information.)

We are really pleased to say that we are delighted with website and the impact it has had. May we hope it continues into future years!